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Virtual Meeting, hosting by UHEL

“MODEST Training on Curriculum Development and Learning Outcomes” physical meeting in Moscow, Russia, 23-25 March 2020 will be take place virtual, hosting by UHEL.

Starts On    April 7, 2020

Ends on    April 7, 2020

Project events postponed and cancelled due to coronavirus threat

Due to the spread of coronavirus in many countries of the World, a number of upcoming events within the schedule of the Modest project were canceled or postponed.

The Government of the Republic of Armenia declared a State of Emergency from 16 March until 14 April throughout Armenia. Classes and lectures have cancelled. .

Wherever applicable, classes, lectures and other events should be made available on-line.

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Working Meeting
Riga, Latvia

Starts On    December 18, 2019

Ends On    December 19, 2019

Coordination Meetings
Helsinki,Finland and Riga,Latvia

Starts On    June 17, 2019

Ends On    June 21, 2019

Coordination Meeting in Krakow,Poland

Starts On    July 9, 2019

Ends On    July 11, 2019

Working Meeting in London,UK

Starts On    July 1, 2019

Ends On    July 2, 2019

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